blooket upgrades

A Blooket upgrade offers various features, including reports and the ability to create a class quiz. It also includes some of the features of Gimkit, another game-based learning platform. It doesn’t require a whole class to play, however. During the quiz creation process, you can import content from Quizlet.

Plus Flex

The Blooket Plus Flex upgrade is a paid subscription service that gives users access to premium features and benefits. It costs $2.99 per month, billed annually, and $4.99 per month billed monthly. The benefits of Plus Flex are similar to those of Plus. While paid monthly, users have access to several extra features and are entitled to priority support.

A significant benefit of this upgrade is that it enables the teacher to focus more on teaching and less on grading. Teachers can spend more time with their students using the Blooket Plus Flex. With the subscription, teachers will have access to all features of Blooket. Besides, the learning experience will be more engaging for teachers and students.


Blooket comes in two different packages, Blooket Starter and Blooket Plus. Both have a similar price and feature set, but the Plus package offers additional benefits. The Starter upgrade is free, but you must pay a monthly fee to upgrade to Plus. The Starter package contains essential features of the premium plan.

Blooket offers various games that help educators and students learn the target language. It also features a score-swapping system, which allows students to review and understand the language. As a teacher, you can easily create question sets that your students can answer to advance in the game.


The Legendary Blook is a rare Blook that is available in Blooket for players who have already earned enough tokens to purchase it. You can earn Blooks by playing various games and then putting them into the Blooket to earn tokens. The easiest way to make blocks is to use a TokenBooster. This booster will help you reach Blooks much faster.

To get this upgrade, you need to be logged in to your GitHub account. After logging in, please copy the code you copied from Github and enter it in the game dashboard. Then, choose the game mode and set a 10-minute timer.


The Epic blooket upgrade adds new features and functionality to Blooket. These new features save teachers time and increase student engagement. This upgrade is available in the game’s store and can be purchased for 75 tokens. It also includes the new Epic Digital Library with over 40,000 titles.


Cyan is a color for blookets and is a rare reward. It cannot be obtained from the bot box until you reach PAC mode. It is also the name of the Cyan Crewmates team. The game has several aquatic blooks, such as jellyfish, blobfish, octopus, and old boot.

Lime Astronaut

The Lime Astronaut blooket upgrade is the next level from the Green Astronaut. As with the other Astronaut books, you must complete a certain number of matches in a row to get it. However, this blooket is rarer than the other two. The chance of getting it is 0.45%, and the Chroma Astronaut has a 0.05% chance.

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