Blooket Mobile App Review

Blooket is an app that lets users create and play games. Games can be hosted live or can be pre-made in the Blooket library. The first step is to select a game mode. Some modes are designed to be homework-only, while others can be played as a live game. Some game modes include Gold Quest, Fishing Frenzy, Tower Defense, Battle royale, Factory, and Crypto Hack.

Blooket Mobile

Create a game from scratch

The Blooket game creation tool allows you to create a game from scratch. Log in to Blooket with your Google account, or create a separate report. Then, choose the game mode, add questions, and upload images for answer choices. Alternatively, you can import questions from Quizlet or another quiz app.

In the “Game Modes” section, select either “Host” or “Solo.” There are options for students to play with teams, or one player can host the game. You can create a game for students with pre-designed questions or completely customize it based on your interests.

After creating an account on Blooket, you’ll need to make the game’s content. The content can be as simple or complex as you like. For example, you can use a classic tower-defense game, where students construct towers and factories and earn tokens for correct answers. Some cool features are also available to help you make the game a success.

The gamification of learning with Blooket is an excellent way to boost teaching and student engagement. Students will be more engaged and likely to participate in a course with games that reward correct answers. The game features an intuitive interface that requires minimal training. Blooket even comes with question sets and a tutorial for beginners to start immediately.

Blooket is an online learning platform that combines fun games and quiz-style questions. It’s available on almost any device and can be used in the classroom and by individual students. You can also use the Blooket dashboard to manage your student’s progress, assign homework, and track your student’s progress.

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