Gold Quest

Blooket Gold Quest is an online game that lets players earn money by answering questions. Players are presented with a picture or text and must choose the correct answer within a specific time limit. The game is best suited for children interested in money-making games. However, children should be aware that they may lose money if they do not provide the correct answers.


Blooket is a new website that allows you to create quizzes and games. Teachers and students can create their questions and answer various challenges. Teachers can also search through the questions and game styles of other users. These questions help students test their knowledge and learn new things.

Blooket has free and paid features, with a free version having 60 players, while the Blooket Plus game mode offers up to 1000 players. The difference between the two is that Blooket Plus requires that you purchase a Blooket Plus subscription to access its additional features.


Gold Quest is one of the most popular games on Blooket. It is a great way to get students started with the site. It has many features that make it fun to play. It is free to play, but you can upgrade your account to gain access to more features. Students will enjoy the competitive nature of the game and the ability to work at their own pace.

Blooket is free to play, but users must be at least 13 years old to register. It is also illegal to give free access to children under 13 years old. Students can also play the game without creating an account.

Gold Quest

Up to 60 players

Blooket Gold Quest is a game where up to 60 players can compete against each other for the most gold. Players need to respond quickly and correctly to the questions posed to them. The questions come in a circular pattern, so the correct answers may not initially be evident. They may also not be presented in a continuous sequence, which means that if you miss a question, you may be left waiting for some time.

The Gold Quest game is one of the most popular Blooket games and one of the easiest to start with. There is no guidebook or advanced features to learn how to play, so it is perfect for classroom use. Students enjoy playing it at the end of class because it adds a sense of uncertainty to the competition.


Power-ups are important in Blooket Gold Quest, but how can you use them? You can use them to increase your strength, skip questions, or get more blocks. These power-ups are distributed among the players and help them advance in the game. Each player can have a maximum of four shields.

You can only play with 60 other players in the free version of the game. However, if you choose the paid version, you can simultaneously play with up to 1000 people. You need at least three players to participate in a single round. This is not a solo game, so it’s best for kids who enjoy games that allow them to earn money.

Game modes

Blooket Gold Quest is a money-making game aimed at young players. It focuses on a simple idea – the goal is to be the leader of the leaderboard by solving simple puzzles and answering trivia questions. Each puzzle has a specific number of answers, and the correct answers earn players money. This game mode is an excellent choice for children who enjoy money-making games, but it’s essential to play it properly to get the best rewards.

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