Cyan Astronaut

What is this Cyan Astronaut? And how do you find him? Read on to find out. The answer may surprise you! This blook is the reward for playing the game’s Battle Royale mode.

Is there a cyan astronaut in Blooket?

Cyan Astronauts are Chroma rarities that can only be obtained by competing in Blooket events. They have different designs than the other Astronauts, but they all have the same color scheme. This makes them very difficult to find. They are found only in PAC (Performance Assessment Challenge) events hosted by Blooket every year. Cyan Astronaut awards are awarded to the top 10 finishers of these events.

The Cyan Astronaut is a chroma rarity, meaning that it is a very rare Blook. This rare color is also very difficult to find, making it difficult to find. It is only available to the top 10 players in the Pokemon Are Cool (PAC) Event.

What is Cyan Astronaut in Blooket?

The Cyan Astronaut Blook has a similar design to the Astronaut Blook. It is a Chroma rarity that only a select few players can acquire. It is one of eleven different colored astronauts in the game. The Cyan Astronaut can only be obtained by completing the PAC (Planet Astronaut Challenge), a yearly Blooket event that awards the top 10 finishers with Cyan Astronaut awards.

In the game, the Cyan Astronaut is a Mystical Rarity Blook that can only be obtained by winning certain events. It is given to top-ranking clubs in a PAC event, but is not featured in any game mode. However, its name is a nod to the popular video game, Among Us.

Astronaut chromas in Blooket

In Blooket, you can find different types of astronaut chromas that can be used on your Blook. These chromas can be obtained by completing different games and collecting in-game tokens. These tokens can then be spent on Blook boxes. Each of these Blooks has a certain rarity and a different color. Despite this, there are still several ways to obtain them, including trading.

First, you can buy the Astronaut. This legendary blook is sold for 200 blooket tokens. You can also sell it for 300 tokens, but keep in mind that it’s extremely rare. Chroma Astronauts are available on alternate days. You can also sell it for 300 blooket tokens, but be aware that they drop a very low percentage of the time.

Another type of Astronaut is the Rainbow Astronaut. This Mystical Rarity Blook can only be obtained after winning specific events. You can also acquire the White Peacock and Tiger Zebra blooks, which are also very rare. In addition, the Astronaut team’s name was Houston We Have a Problem!

Astronaut colors in Blooket

If you’ve ever wanted to own a Cyan Astronaut blook, you’re in luck. The Cyan Astronaut is a Chroma-rare Blook that you can get by winning certain events. While the Cyan Astronaut’s design is similar to the Astronaut’s, this Blook comes in different shades of red. This blook is also a reward for top-ranking players in the PAC event, an annual Blooket event. The top 10 finishers in PAC will receive a Cyan Astronaut blook.

The Cyan Astronaut is one of the two rarest Astronaut Blooks in the game. Only two are available to players and are only obtainable through the Space Box. They can also be sold for 300 tokens. The Cyan Astronaut is one of the two colors that still need to be available in the game’s Battle Royale mode.

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